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Many companies are not doing enough to reduce the risk of ransomware—and the U.S. Government’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is hoping to put a stop to that with their new Reduce the Risk of Ransomware Campaign.

Ransomware, a type of malware that infects files is a major threat to businesses of all sizes, and because cyberattackers are always refining their processes, it is vital that businesses do what they can to keep up with the changes.

Not only is a data breach bad press for any company, but it can also render it unable to deliver goods and services—and with many cyberbullies requiring high ransom payments to release their hold on valuable data, this can be a costly mistake for many reasons.

What to Know About Ransomware

Ransomware can hit any company that is online. Being online is vital to most company’s operations, but any online activity leaves a company vulnerable to ransomware. It is important that companies remain up-to-date on potential ransomware threats, new security breakthroughs and training for themselves and their employees surrounding prevention. Reducing the threat that ransomware poses to your company is key to never encountering an attack in the first place.

Training your staff is a must. Adequate training of all of your staff is a must for preventing ransomware attacks. Oftentimes, ransomware attacks are sent out to employees at any position in the company, so it is important that you are including more than just your technical staff in the prevention training you perform. Making sure your staff understands how to suss out these attacks and flag them with the appropriate party is key.

Staying current is key. Ransomware is always changing, and it is important that your security efforts change with it. Bad online actors are out there constantly honing in on their attack approach, and being certain that you are evolving your efforts alongside new developments is key. As technology changes and develops, the types of attacks that cyberhackers can perform change with it—by continually developing your own strategy, you can ensure that you are not vulnerable to new developments.

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